Screen Smart

Staying current with the recommended screening and vaccination is proven to reduce avoidable critical illnesses. Better yet, create your own personalized prevention plan.

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Advanced Screening
Specialized at-risk diagnostics based on identifiable causes.

Genetic Screening
Know your chance of developing or passing on a genetic disorder.

Vaccination, an effective way to prevent diseases.

Vaccines By Diseases
Vaccines for these 18 dangerous or deadly diseases.

Pregnancy & Vaccines
Vaccines you need to protect you and your baby.

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Get the right screening to keep your health risks in check. Also, check if you are eligible for subsidies and discounts.

About Screening

There is no single template that must be followed in creating a preventive care plan. It is important that you consider them based on your own individual risks and needs.

About the Recommendations

PLEASE NOTE:  The above preventive guidelines are population-based recommendations by leading health authorities with general consensus in many areas, but not all. Therefore, discuss them with your healthcare provider. It is important to consider your medical history, personal health situation, and risk factors.

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