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RisCheck is positioning to be the go-to destination for consumers looking for health care services.

Propelling healthcare into the digital world

It's no longer an option. It's imperative.


The journey of a healthcare patient often starts online. From looking up a specific disease or medical problem to fitness information, people searching online are more common than ever.


People are not just using the internet to search for health-related information. 47% of online users also use the web to search for specific doctors or practice.


77% of prospective patients are using online search engines before making a phone call or booking an appointment. This means people are researching you and your competitors.


Over 60% of medical expenses today are still self-paid out-of-pocket by cost-conscious consumers. Many are either uninsured or under-insured with a high deductible or low coverage.

Leverage on our dedicated health platform

Be in front of patients - faster than ever.


Verified health information that builds trust with patients


Reach more patients looking for the right and affordable care


Be located more easily with searchable affiliations and expertise

Be here when your patients are here

Who do we serve?

Showcase clinical centres, advanced facilities and technologies.


Enable easy service access and explicit expertise discovery


Amplify brand and inspire well-being with precise early diagnosis

Labs & Imaging

Robotic Assisted Main

Provide easy access to chronic, post-treat, and rehabilitative care

Allied Health

Expand virtual access to care and reach more patients everywhere


Inspire health and lifestyle changes that can reduce disease risk.


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